Corso di Aikido a Parma adatto alla difesa personale

Con sede al centro polisportivo Ercole Negri, l’ Aikido No Musubi Parma offre corsi di aikido a Parma Dento Iwama Ryu di alto livello tecnico grazie alla presenza di numerose cinture nere 1°,2° e 3° DAN.

Il Maestro  dell’ Aikido No Musubi Parma

M° Sergio Ravazzoni IV° DAN ISSASK

Orari e giorni dei nostri corsi di aikido a Parma

  • Lunedì 20:15 – 21:45: Corso aikido adulti
  • Giovedì 20:15 – 21:45: Corso aikido adulti

Contatti Aikido No Musubi Parma

Sergio Ravazzoni cell: 347-8089640.

Come Arrivare ai nostri corsi di Aikido a Parma

1 month ago

Aikido Parma - Aikido No Musubi Parma

GT Aikido Club
Aikido kids...amazing uke
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2 months ago

Aikido Parma - Aikido No Musubi Parma

Finished Kagamibiraki,

1. Budo is not for fighting but to make balance for yourself. "Balance" is very important, as everything has Omote and Ura, like Light and Shadow(陰陽). We are in shadow, but following the real one. No need for a large number of people, just need real hearts.

2. Aikido always start from Misogi. Everything has its Tamashii, so we need to appreciate them all. We human beings make balance between them(Tamashii) like Yajirobee. Also KO-E(心-枝) is equal to Kotodama which makes balance(connected) with opponent when keiko(Kiai) and daily life(Greetings). KA-MI(火fire-水water). HI(火=日sun).

3. Japanese Budo has a deep relationship with Shinto. That's why we place Kamidana in the dojo. The difference between Meditation of Shinto and Zen of Buddhism is that Shinto always focus on "the Center".

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5 months ago

Aikido Parma - Aikido No Musubi Parma

[Official Announcement - English below]






塾長 齊藤仁平

We are posting this message on behalf of Juku-cho.

I hereby decided to bequeath the name “Morihiro” which my father received from Kaiso, to my son, Yasuhiro.
There will be a ceremony commemorating his succession on March 31st,2019 (noon) around Kanto region.
Once the details are made, we will contact you individually.

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5 months ago

Aikido Parma - Aikido No Musubi Parma

Stefano Di Carlo.
No atemi, no stop, very beautiful

Takemusu Aikido Torino
Dimostrazione di Aikido presso la Fight & Fun ottobre 2018... 😊 ... Felici di aver partecipato!!
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